Hej! Amazon Begins Amazon.se in Sweden to expand in Europe

Hej! Amazon Begins Amazon.se in Sweden to expand in Europe

Amazon is one of the biggest online retailers in Europe, and on October 28th, it decided to take the next step and make an effort to be more localized in its approach. The company has started a dedicated portal especially for Sweden as Amazon.se proffering a local touch and feel for the Swedish shoppers, third-party merchants and itself a local URL and a regional logistics system. This also leverages a local marketing push for buying and selling goods and services online as every country is opting for going online due to the coronavirus pandemic.

Sweden, as Europe’s 10th biggest economy by GDP, is an essential market for Amazon and its extension strategy.

But the news comes at a time when large tech companies, and Amazon, in particular, continue to be examined in Europe over issues of conflict and tax payments etc.  Amazon is currently struggling with a €250 million tax bill from the EU that stretches back many years to. At the same time, the company was much smaller, but conceivably has broader implications for how Amazon is taxed today.

Amazon announced that the local storefront would begin with 150 million+ products in 30 categories. With popular Swedish brands which include Lagerhaus, Electrolux, OBH Nordica, BRIO, Ellos, Bonnierförlagen and Ifö. It will give free delivery on single orders above SEK229 ($26) that are fulfilled by Amazon.

Merchants are from different parts of Sweden itself and have also allowed merchants from outside to sell as done in other Amazon marketplaces. One survey puts the number of actual Swedish retailers on the .se site is approximately 100. That’s also followed in some questionable translations of the product specifications.

This becomes Amazon’s 17th local portal, besides the United States, UAE, India, Australia, Canada, Brazil, China, Germany, France, Italy, Mexico, Japan, Netherlands, Spain, Singapore, and Turkey.