A Hindu Temple to be Built in Islamabad, Pakistan

Hindu Temple to be Constructed in Islamabad Pakistan
Shri Varun Dev Mandir Manora Karachi Sam4u1w / CC BY-SA

The world knows about the heated debates and tense circumstances between India and Pakistan. Despite all the differences between the two nations, the foundation of a Hindu temple in Islamabad, Pakistan, has emerged as an unbelievable factor for the world. 

Islamabad, the capital of Pakistan, has laid the foundation stone of Krishna Temple in the middle of June. With this, the officials say that the temple construction has been started already. As per reports, the estimated cost of the temple may cost INR 10 crores. 

The temple will cover 20000 sq ft in the H-9 sector, Islamabad, Pakistan. The Islamabad Hindu Panchayat has decided ‘Shri Krishna Mandir’ as the name of this holy place. 

The Religious Affairs Minister of Pakistan, Pir Noorul Haq Qadri said that the entire cost of the Hindu temple would be borne by the Pakistani Government. Lal Chand Malhi, the Parliamentary Secretary on Human Rights, performed the temple foundation ceremony. 

While addressing the media to cover the ceremony, Malhi said- “The Hindu community in Islamabad has been demanding a temple for a long time now. The population has also increased, while many Hindu temple structures in the capital have been abandoned. Besides, there is no crematorium in Islamabad.”

Further, he added that Islamabad, Pakistan has a considerable Hindu population, which has increased in the past 20 years. This made the Pakistani Government consider the Hindu temple construction as important. 

In 2017, (CDA), the Capital Development Authority allotted a plot for the Hindu temple construction to the Hindu Panchayat. The reason why temple construction took so long was the delay in official formalities from the governmental bodies. But at the moment, the permissions have been given; thus, the temple construction has been started. 

As per reports, the temple will have a community hall, temple complex, enough parking space, and accommodation facilities for visitors.