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HK Tycoon Jimmy Lai Arrested; Warns Protesters To Be “More Cautious”

HK Tycoon Jimmy Lai Arrested; Warns Protesters To Be “More Cautious”

On Monday, one of the most high-profile tycoons of Hong Kong, Jimmy Lai, was arrested under the controversial new security law. With this, Lai warned the young protesters to be “more cautious” henceforth. 

The security forces raided his newspaper offices, which left many in shock. 

Immediately after his release on bail, Lai had a word with BBC, and he said it is “just the beginning.” Further, he continued and said that this is a “long fight” for the freedom of Hong Kong. 

While speaking to BBC on Newshour, Lai said he was completely surprised when the cops arrived at his home without any prior notification on Monday morning. 

He said his sons were also arrested on “bogus charges.” 

Lai stated- “When I was in custody, I could not sleep… I was thinking, if I knew that was going to happen to me now, [with] even more hardship [on the way], would I have done the same thing?” Source: BBC. 

Further, he added- “I would not have [done things] another way – this is my character,” Source: BBC. 

Also, he warned the young protesters that they have to be “more cautious in our resistance to preserve our rule of law and freedom”, Source: BBC. 

He added- “We have to be more careful and creative in [our] resistance… we can’t be as radical as before – especially young people – because the more radical [we are], the shorter lifespan we have in our fighting. We have to really use our brain and patience because this is a long fight.” Source: BBC. 

Jimmy Lai’s business is estimated to be of more than $1bn. Apart from media, Lai runs several clothing businesses. At present, he runs Apple Daily successfully. 

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