Hollywood Star, Olivia De Havilland Dies at 104

Hollywood Star, Olivia De Havilland Dies at 104

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Olivia De Havilland, an ace actress from the ‘Golden Age of Hollywood Star,’ died at 104 on Sunday. Reports say that the cause of death is natural. The actress was living in Paris when she left the world. Her Publicist, Lisa Goldberg, said that Olivia has been living in Paris for more than six decades. 

The late actress emerged as a phenomenal star during the classic movie era of Hollywood. She has shown her exceptional acting skills in iconic movies like- “The Adventures of Robin Hood,” “Captain Blood,” and “Gone With the Wind.”

Bette Davis, Olivia’s co-star, and friend said- “Hollywood actors will be forever in Olivia’s debt,” Source: Edition. 

Davis wrote in her autobiography- “The Lonely Life.” Source: Edition. 

In 1994, while in the Screen Actors Guild interview, Olivia said- “I was very proud of that decision, for it corrected a serious abuse of the contract system — a forced extension of a contract beyond its legal term. Among those who benefited by the decision were the actors who fought in World War II and who, throughout that conflict, were on suspension,” Source: Edition. 

In her work tenure in Hollywood, she got two Oscar awards. She won her first Oscar award for “To Each His Own.” Her character in this movie brought her to limelight and helped her fetch other interesting roles in her kitty. 

Olivia was born on 1st July 1916, in Tokyo. She was British by birth and had some health issues since birth. To ensure the best treatment for the actress, her mother took her to England. While the family’s stay in San Francisco, Olivia’s parents divorced and her mother remarried.  

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