How COVID-19 Almost Killed a Woman Without Displaying any Symptoms

How COVID-19 Almost Killed a Woman Without Displaying any Symptoms

Image by Gerd Altmann from Pixabay

This happened in London, where a woman named Rebecca Wrixon worked as a nanny for a few doctors. Rebecca, 44, has two children, and she didn’t care about exposure to COVID-19 and worked continually. 

The virus hit her without any symptoms. A morning after Easter, her arms were numb, but she never experienced a fever or cough. 

When CBS News asked her about her health and any early symptoms of COVID-19, she said- “I had no normal symptoms like they tell you to look out for at all. I just didn’t feel well, and just had itching around my chest and an ache from my chest, but no cough. No problems breathing or anything like that, Source: CBS News. 

Further, she continued, “It wasn’t until the Tuesday of the Easter holiday that I woke up, and my arm was numb. I couldn’t answer. Didn’t have a clue,” Wrixon recalled. “So that’s when we were like, ‘I’m having a stroke.” Source: CBS News. 

As soon as Rebecca and her family sensed something weird, she was admitted to the hospital immediately. 

Dr. Ashwin Pinto, a consultant neurologist who treated Rebecca for more than three weeks, said- “She looked like she’d had a stroke,” Source: CBS News. 

Dr. further said- “Really soon after I saw Rebecca, she was really beginning to struggle with her speech.” Source: CBS News. 

When asked if he could detect coronavirus in Rebecca or not, he said- “really wasn’t on the radar at all.” Source: CBS News. 

During the time when Recebba was stable, CBS News interviewed her to understand her exact health conditions. She said- “I thought I was going to die. I literally thought, ‘No, you’re not coming out,” Source: CBS News. 

Later, she got plasma, which helped her in speedy recovery. 

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