Human Rights Group Calls for Boycott of Winter Olympics

Bejing Olympics 2022

About 180 organizations have urged different governments to boycott Olympics Beijing 2022 claiming that the country was snatching the basic human rights of athletes in the region. The main focus was on the point that China was ill-treating its own citizens and abusing ethnic minorities - who don’t get their basic rights and can’t participate in games either. 

However, a senior member of the International Olympic Committee has criticized the rejection of its decision to conduct the Winter Games in Beijing. The World Uyghur Congress went a step ahead and called the games - ‘Genocide Olympics’.

Canadian Dick Pound, who also happens to be the longest member of IOC has come forward and said that china barring athletes from participating in the Winter Olympics is something that will have no impact whatsoever. He added that the Games weren’t native to China and are internationally recognized. The Olympics do not fall under any Government policies and they cannot change the venue based on internal decisions taken by the government. 

Human Rights groups have come forward and expressed tier opinion that the Chinese Government was stripping the Uighur Muslims off of their rights and ill-treating them in the detention camps. The Government, in their defense, said that the camps were temporary places for re-education and enlightenment of these minor communities to reduce Islamic extremism. However, recent reports also claimed that women were being forced into abortions, forced sterilizations, and even sexually abused in the camps.

Under these circumstances, the Human rights groups and several organizations are urging the IOC to cancel conducting the Winter Games in China. Some have even compared the Beijing 2022 Winter Olympics to the time of Hitler. The Berlin Games have given a boost to Hitler’s legislation that has led to the destruction of Human Rights. 

Pound said that the Games were efficient tools of communication even at the worst times. He said they were trying to find a middle ground here. He further added that he was aware some countries would prefer a diplomatic boycott but that should not be extended to Games and Athletes. But the Human Rights bodies are urging IOC to find an alternative venue for the games which will start about six months after the delayed Summer Games.