Hurdle For The Australia V/S India Series In Form Of ‘boycott Threat’

India Vs Australia Test
Marc Dalmulder from Hamlyn Terrace, Australia, CC BY 2.0, via Wikimedia Commons

COVID is interrupting with everything that people love - including cricket. The new strain in the UK is another major aspect of concern and every country is making serious efforts to keep the new wave away from their citizens. The same is reflecting in the cricket schedule and it doesn’t seem like a ‘happy’ influence.

The plan for Australia’s series with India was again under question on Sunday when tourists showed disinterest in the strict quarantine. The fourth series is going to see an ensemble of cricketers who will be competing to win. This seems like no motivation for the tourists to stay in quarantine. 

The authorities decided to keep the venue unchanged and the series will begin on Thursday on Sydney Cricket Ground. The change from these grounds might attract some Covid complications and the deciders don’t want to take chances by changing places. On monday, the teams will be going to New South Wales where recent COVID cases have been noted and there are lingering social distancing measures everywhere in the region.

Queensland has closed its borders to New South Wales but exceptions have been made to welcome the cricketers. However, it is not entirely sure what they will be facing when they enter Sydney Grounds. The main concern is coming from the Indian players who have already stayed in quarantine for roughly 6 months or more and subjecting them to stringent quarantine again might attract disappointment and refusal. They might ‘boycott’ and not show up at all. 

The restrictions might be the reason for delays, change of plans and the authorities are quite concerned about the team member’s reactions. This comes out at a time when 5 Indian cricketers were reprimanded for having meals at an Melbourne restaurant despite the social distancing protocol.

The Indian side remained unavailable for answers while Australia said that they have been briefed about the strict rules and they’d do what’s required to go play. However, they did object to the idea because nothing was for certain on the schedule and all they can do at this point is wait and watch.