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Alert Sign: Hurricane Isaias Heading Towards Carolina’s

Alert Sign: Hurricane Isaias Heading Towards Carolinas

Hurricane Isaias is reaching out to the coastal communities in the Carolina’s. This is an alerting sign for the U.S. eastern seaboard. 

The National Hurricane Center predicted that the heavy tides would hit north-eastern South Carolina and Southern North Carolina in the wee hours of Monday. 

The heavy tropical storm hit the islands in the Caribbean, which resulted in the death of two people. Later, it gathered and converted into a stormy wind speed of 75mph. 

As soon as the concerned department got an inclination of this Hurricane Isaias, the National Hurricane Center tweeted- “Here are the 5 pm key messages on #Isaias. It is expected to make landfall at or near hurricane strength tonight and will bring widespread heavy rain and strong winds to many parts of the U.S. east coast through early Wednesday.” Source: Twitter. 

The caption was followed by images showcasing the current location of Hurricane Isaias. 

The officials from the North-Eastern South Carolina and Southern North Carolina said- “there is the danger of life-threatening storm surge inundation along portions of the immediate coastline and adjacent waterways.” Source: BBC. 

The state officials said that they are getting ready for the hurricanes with extra measures for social distancing regulations. 

On this, Roy Cooper, Governor of North Carolina, said that who can declare a state of emergency on Friday? During a news conference held on Monday, he urged people to be alert, take all the safety measures, and stay safe. 

He continued, “North Carolinian’s have had to dig deep in recent months to tap into our strength and resilience during the pandemic. That hasn’t been easy. But with this storm on the way, we have to dig a little deeper. Let’s keep each other safe from the wind and water as well as from the virus.” Source: BBC. 

Mr. Roy said that they are ready to keep open storm shelters keeping social distancing in mind. 

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