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Hurricane Sally: 550,000 people in the US without power

Hurricane Sally: 550,000 people in the US without power

On Wednesday, the Category 2 Hurricane storm left half a million people without any power supply around the US Gulf coast. 

Hundreds have been rescued, one missing from Alabama and one person died from the flooded areas. The NHC said that flooding will continue over portions of southern Alabama and Floria Panhandle. Ginny Cranor, Pensacola fire chief said it felt as if 4 months of rain was there in less than 4 hours in the city.

Hurricane Sally landfall at Gulf Coast

The storm made landfall around 4.45 local time at Alabama, with a wind speed of 105mph (169 km/h).

It was a Category 2 storm, one of the storms in the Atlantic Ocean where the winds are dangerous, but Sally later became weak, decreasing wind speed to 35mph.

The deadly combination of rainfall with the storm brought a lot of damage to the area.

As the hurricane travelled north from the coast left 550,000 citizens without power on Wednesday night.

Damaged that Sally brought to the area

The rainfall is recorded to be 18in(45cm), and in some places, it is even more.

In central Pensacola, it has flooded to a depth of 5 ft. This was the 3rd worst storm that hit the city.

The wind was not as dangerous as Hurricane Laura, that occurred last month but it was still high on intensity to topple vehicles.

Another barge went loose and headed for the Escambia Bay Bridge but fortunately moved ashore.

NHC said that there remains a danger of life-threatening torrent. There were many trees uprooted and pylons being brought down.

Alabama Governor Kay Ivey said that several areas were seeing never before flood levels and advised people to heed warnings.

Different areas on the coast were also hit, especially low-lying areas in Louisiana and beaches swamped in Mississippi.

Mississippi, Florida and Alabama all declared states of emergency before the storm.