I Will Play Until Beating the Team’s Fastest Sprinter, Dhoni Told Manjrekar

I Will Play Until Beating the Team’s Fastest Sprinter, Dhoni Told Manjrekar

Former Indian Batsman and a Commentator, Sanjay Manjrekar unraveled on Saturday that he had a word with Mahendra Singh Dhoni (Former Indian Cricket Team Skipper) recently. Further, he added that Dhoni told him that he would continue to play until he is “beating the fastest sprinter in the team.” 

Manjrekar is a well-familiar face for commentary in the Indian cricket world. He continued and said that he even had a world with Dhoni during Virat Kohli’s (Indian Skipper) wedding functions. 

Manjrekar stated- “During Virat Kohli’s wedding, I had a little corner time with him and he said as long as ‘I am beating the fastest sprinter in the team, I am going to consider myself fit enough to be playing international cricket or playing high-level cricket,'” Source: Times of India. 

While on a cricket show, Star Sports Show Cricket Connected, Manjrekar said- “People like Tendulkar, Dhoni, these are champion cricketers. Once they are on the public stage, you will never see Dhoni ever on a public stage, like a cricket field, looking slightly unfit or unable to sprint or run…,” Source: Times of India. 

With this, Manjrekar also calculated that Dhoni would come out good in IPL, saying that the availability of “only four-five” good bowlers in IPL is not enough to knock out a player like Dhoni. 

Further, he added- “He is going to be very good, and one of the reasons he is so successful and consistent in IPL as a batsman as opposed to international is that he knows that there are about four to five bowlers to handle,” Source: Times of India. 

“So, as a batter, with MS Dhoni in the IPL, I don’t see much difference,” Manjrekar added. Source: Times of India. 

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Source: Times of India