If Elected No Susceptibility For Terrorism in South Asia: Biden

If Elected No Susceptibility For Terrorism in South Asia: Biden

Image by Gage Skidmore on flickr

Joe Biden’s marketing campaign comes across stating that if elected, they will work towards strengthening the bond between India and the US as mentioned in a response in the Hindu American Political Motion Committee. Also said that India-US are like true companions and endorse in making it better with time.

Biden campaign is talking about not tolerating any terrorism activities in S. Asia and cross-border. The focus will be on strengthening India’s abilities as counter-terrorism accomplice and a defence.

Obama-Biden Administration

Biden said the elected will renew the efforts they used to put during the Obama-Biden administration towards the refugees around the globe. During Obama-Biden administration time, they had managed to establish their association to fight terrorism in each of our international locations.

Stating concern regarding severe circumstances for non-secular minorities in South Asia and remarking that the US is a nation of immigrants which was given a roadmap before during the Obama-Biden administration will be reinstated. 

More than 11 million undocumented immigrants are there in the US, out of which 500,000 are from India.

Biden-Harris Administration

The first and foremost approach will be to work towards extending the variety of visas, including employment-based immigration, to address the excessive US unemployment. 

The Biden-Harris administration has plans to work with Congress towards reforming the exorbitant short-term visas to assist in determining a wage-based allocation course of, including setting up implementation mechanisms to be aligned with the labour market.

The nationwide finance committee member, Ajay Bhutoria of Biden marketing campaign also announced that the Bided-Harris administration would celebrate Hindu festivals, as it was done during the Obama-Biden administration.

The administration will focus on understanding different cultures and to respect it. Biden celebrating Hindu festivals shows the importance of Hinduism which will lead to eradicating bullying in the country.

Biden’s a reply to present considerations provincially, discussing the peculiar difficulties going through Hindu college students to the importance of transforming the immigration system to determine how to help small companies grow well from Covid-19, said Bhutoria.