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IIM Ahmedabad student kills self, Reason Undisclosed

A second-year MBA-PGP student named Drishti Raj Kahani ended her life in her dorm room. The college’s staff have informed that she had recently returned to the campus post the lockdown. The incident was a great traumatic setback to the students and a huge point of dreadfulness for the reputed institution. The 60-year-old campus has not seen a suicide to date and this will mark the first instance of such an incident on the campus.  

The deceased used to reside in dorm number - 8 of the old IIM - A campus and belonged to Muzaffarpur, Bihar. She was 25 years old and belonged to a close-knit family. The Satellite Police officers informed that the incident took place at 2:30 PM on Wednesday and suspicions arose when she did not open her dorm’s door.

Her friends have been knocking on her door, trying to call her but no response was received. They immediately approached the authorities in the college and they helped to break the door open. The warden brought the Doctor in and he declared that the student died. The Doctor alerted the police immediately. The inspector on the murder scene said that she was found hanging down the ceiling fan with a Dupatta wound around her neck. 

The police sources also informed that she has been locked in the room since morning and did not step out even for the lunch. This led to her friends trying to call her out but found her lifeless body instead. The forensic team was informed and Prima facia declared that she died on Wednesday afternoon itself.  

There was no suicide note in the room and her phone has been sent for investigation. The police registered the case of ‘accidental death’ and began an investigation around the same. The family has been informed about their child’s death and they would be reaching campus on Thursday. The body has been sent for post-marten in Sola Civil Hospital. The Institute released a statement that this is a big loss and they are committed to overcoming this situation. They said they were dealing with other students with compassion and providing them with all the needed support.