India - The 8th Meeting With The Government Remains Unfruitful For Farmers

Farmer's Protest
Randeep Maddoke; randeepphotoartist@gmail.com, CC0, via Wikimedia Commons

The recent discussion between the Farmers and the Central Government of India didn’t seem so satisfactory. The farmers stated that the Minister declared that there will be no annulment of the Farmer laws and they can approach the Supreme Court if they see it fit. However, discussions went down the positive lane about the legal guarantee for a support price. 

The farmers of India, who hail from different states, have been living in the bitterly cold conditions at the border of Delhi ever since November to protest against the new Farmer laws that the Central Government has announced. The discontent regarding the recent Farmer laws still persists even after the 7th discussion with the Ministers. 

The Government assured that they will look into the demand of having a legally guaranteed support price. However, the Farmer representatives were keen on talking about the repeal of the farm laws. This is where the dead-stop arrived and the government showed no interest to go back on their decision of the laws. 

Post the session, the groups have decided to meet again for a discussion on 8th of January. The Farmers have threatened the Central Government that they will be conducting a rally on the Republic day if their demands are not met. 

The Farmers’ representative, Sarwan Singh Pandher of the Kisan Mazdoor Sangharsh, opened up and said, “The Agricultural Minister, Narendra Tomar, stated that the laws will not be repealed and told us to approach the Supreme Court for the issue” 

On the other hand, the Agricultural Minister believes the laws have not been understood properly by the farmers. He said that the tree laws will be discussed clearly with farmers of different states and based on that, amendments will be made depending on the genuine pointers that the Farmers come up with. 

A Government and Farmers took a long break post the one hour sessions and during this time, the farmers had their food (langaar) that was arranged for them.