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India And Japan Working Together: S Jaishankar

India And Japan Working Together: S Jaishankar

Image by Foreign, Commonwealth & Development Office from flickr

External Affairs Minister S Jaishankar announced on Friday that India, along with Japan, is looking at different neighbouring countries for working together.  On Friday, S Jaishankar also said that they have started working a bit in Sri Lanka and are also looking at other countries like Bangladesh and Myanmar. The reason behind this union is because of the same strategic interests of both the countries.

The signing between the two countries of a military logistics pact will evolve the Indo-Pacific vision of both countries towards security and stability of Asia, as stated by S Jaishankar at a conference by FICCI.

He also said that major and large nations of Asia should collectively avoid spending their energies in countering each other and work towards advancing the interests for the development of the continent. 

This progression came into action after the two giant countries of Asia, India, and China are at loggerheads due to the ongoing stress at the borders.

S Jaishankar said the evolution of India-Japan ties are still in the early phase and discussions about the third countries are going on. Other than Sri Lanka, they are looking at other countries as well, which can help develop a better relationship within the continent. 

Scope for India-Japan to work in other countries

The external affairs minister also recommended that India and Japan were considering Russia’s Far Eastern Region and Pacific Island countries. 

Two issues are to be highlighted when considering working together in a third country – one is the chance of economic collaboration in Russia’s far east as India holds much higher compliance to be involved in economic plans there. Another one is that the Pacific island countries wherever India has been ramping up its political footprint and development cooperation. 

The signing of the military logistics pact between the two countries is a very realistic demonstration of the intent and ability of India and Japan to work together.