India Conducts Second Dry Run Of Covid Vaccination Program

Covid-19 Vaccine India
Image by Alexandra_Koch from Pixabay

As the coronavirus pandemic rages on, many countries are racing to finish developing their vaccines and administer them to the citizens. The Drugs Controller General of India (DCGI) has approved 2 vaccines for emergency use. The vaccines produced by Oxford - AstraZeneca and Bharat Biotech have both been authorised for limited use. The Oxford vaccine is said to have an efficacy of 70.4% while the Bharat biotech’s vaccine - Covaxin is termed ‘safe’.

The giver has conducted two dry runs of the vaccine successfully. The first dry run was conducted on 2nd January while the second was held on 8th January, Friday. The day saw a rush of activity as people lined up, the medical care workers were up and ready to conduct the dry run. It helped understand the shortcomings of the logistics and helped them organise the vaccination program properly. 

The run was conducted in a total of 33 states and Union territories across the nation. More than 700 districts were involved in the practice run. The government plans on conducting vaccination programs at three kinds of locations in each district - district hospitals, medical colleges and urban/rural health care Centers. This will ensure that the vaccine reaches every citizen in the country.

Even though the government is taking steps to ensure people’s safety, rumours are being spread rampantly about the vaccines. Many people are worried about the safety of the vaccine, while others firmly believe that the vaccine will have more side effects and are hesitant to get administered. There have also been rumours that the vaccine will make men impotent. 

All these are just rumours and have no base, say the scientists. 

The vaccines are thoroughly tested and only then were approved by the government. There is no chance of impotency or other major side effects. Just like any other vaccine, there might be a slight fever, body pain but nothing more. Apart from these, other pharmaceutical organisations have also been developing vaccines that are undergoing trials. 

India’s total coronavirus cases reached 10.4 million. The curve has steadily been falling with the total new cases being in a range of 18000- 20,000 per day. The newly discovered UK

 strain has infected about 83 people in India and authorities are on high alert.