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India Falls To 53rd Position In The Democracy Index

Democracy Index
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According to the Economist Intelligence Unit (EIU), India fell down two places to retain the 53rd position in the 2020’s Democracy Index. The main reason behind the fall is seen to be the lack of liberties that the citizens have the right to and the backsliding of democracy from the end of the authorities. The Index provides a clear picture of the state of democracy for different countries around the globe. India’s score was 6.9 in 2019 and fell to 6.61 in 2020. However, India’s ranking remains to be higher than many of its neighboring countries. The scoring is done and compared with 167 countries in the world.

EIU was seen saying that due to enormous pressure on the Democratic norms of India, its score has seen a drastic dip from the early years to now. If the statistics are to be analyzed, India’s score was an impressive 7.92 in 2014 and has dipped to 6.61 in 2020. It had a global rank of 27 during that year. EIU named 2020’s index as ‘Democracy in Sickness and in Health?’ In the Index, Norway managed to grab the top-most position while Iceland, Sweden, New Zealand, and Canada occupied the next four positions. 

Out of the 167 democracies, the Index classifies countries into ‘Full democracies’, ‘Flawed Democracies’, ‘Hybrid Regimes’ and ‘Authoritarian Regimes’. 23 countries were dubbed to be full democracies and 52 were labeled as flawed democracies. 35 countries as Hybrid regimes and 57 as authoritarian regimes. India is among the 52 countries that have been labeled as ‘Flawed Democracies’. Other countries like The United States of America, Brazil, France, and Belgium have also joined India in the list of ‘Flawed Democracies’ according to the EIU Democracy Index.

A prominent allegation against the Narendra Modi government is that the introduction of a Religious Element into the Country has led to the downfall of the Secular Concept of the Country. 

The Rankings were made after seeing the impact of COVID 19 on the administrative procedures of the country and the free flow of democracy in the regions.