In A First For India, Mysterious Monolith Now Appears In A Park In Ahmedabad

Mysterious Monolith Ahmedabad

Over the last months, several mysterious ‘monoliths’ have been appearing in several different parts of the world. Now, this first such structure has been reported in India in the city of Ahmedabad, Gujarat. 

The structure was spotted at the Symphony Forest Park in the Thaltej area of Ahmedabad. The garden is jointly managed by the Ahmedabad Municipal Corporation and Symphony Ltd.

This three-sided structure, made of metal and nearly 7 feet tall, had numbers embedded on it, which when deciphered, represented affinity towards nature and protection of wildlife. 

The conspiracy of the mysterious monoliths began on November 18th, when during a wildlife survey, wildlife biologists discovered a strange metal structure in a remote part of Utah, United States. Almost immediately, these structures and their uncanny appearances became a global sensation, spawning countless viral posts on social media as well as some copycat monoliths around the world. 

Soon, the internet was flooded with potential theories as to where these monoliths have come from. From aliens, hoaxes to conspiracies, people speculated. However, the most common and viable theory, which was proven to a certain extent, was that these monoliths are a work of art. The monolith has largely been fit into the context of Land Art, an art movement dating back to the 1960s and '70s, where artists expanded the nature of sculpture to create artworks that were intimately tied to their environments and sometimes located in remote landscapes. If not as sophisticated as Land Art, people believe that this could be ‘Net Art’, a type of art that came into existence with the rise of the internet in the 90s. 

However, questions over this particular monolith didn't last long when Dhilipbhai Patel, assistant director of parks and gardens, Ahmedabad Municipal Corporation, announced that they were aware of the presence of the monolith in the park and that it had been put up there by the people who had developed and maintained the park.