India All Set to Seek ‘Total LAC Disengagement’ For China Ties

India All Set to Seek ‘Total LAC Disengagement’ For China Ties

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On Thursday, the Indian government has repeated its demand for complete and early disengagement of Chinese troops around the LAC (Line of Actual Control). Considering the seriousness of the matter, the special representatives involved in this last month. 

Giving a reply to all the questions weaved around this topic, the Spokesperson from MEA said- “India remains committed to this objective. We also expect that the Chinese side will work with us sincerely for complete disengagement and deescalation and full restoration of peace and tranquillity in the border areas.” Source: Times of India. 

As per the reports, the Chinese troops completely refused to step back from the Depsang region and Pangong Tso region situated in East Ladakh. After India’s demand for stepping back and encouraging a peaceful environment on the Indo-China border, China has been displaying a sort of aggressive behavior again. 

A Chinese scholar at Low Institute and an author of ‘Backlash’ and ‘The Party,’ Richard McGregor said in an article that when liberal scholars have been criticizing the President’s foreign policy, several voices from hawks and hardliners in the Chinese army circle could encourage a heated debate. 

One of the most prominent Chinese hawks and a PLA general, Dai Xu said- “China has provided assistance to so many countries, benefiting them in so many ways, but at this critical moment, none of them has taken any unified action with China,” Source: Times of India. 

Further, Dai said that China should never “knock-on (America’s) door and make a loud announcement that ‘I shall surpass you, replace you and be the world’s number one,” Source: Times of India. 

With this, Dai admits that China has gone ahead of itself, McGregor writes. 

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