Indian Army Sends Tanks and 3 Divisions on Border

Indian Army Sends Tanks and 3 Divisions on Border
Indian Army T-90 Bhisma Tanks Agencia de Noticias ANDES / CC BY-SA

From 15th June, the tense circumstances between the Indian and Chinese military commanders have risen the chances of war between the two nations. Therefore, considering it as the need of the hour, the Indian Army has sent a team of squadrons, T-90 tanks, artillery pieces, mechanized infantry squads, other three divisions of army personnel to Ladakh. 

It has been seen as a part of the Indian Army, strengthening its force on the frontline to give a befitting reply to the Chinese military, if required. 

Due to security reasons, no media house and news channels are supposed to reveal the actual location of the base camps created in Ladakh. These base camps have been made to store enough weapons and other equipment. 

In addition to this, additional forces, Indian Air Force’s aircraft, tanks, equipment, and soldiers will be sent from Chandigarh to Ladakh soon. 

On this matter, Former Northern Army Commander, Retired Lieutenant General BS Jaswal, said- “The Chinese military has flexed its muscle with its buildup at the point of impact, as also in-depth areas on their side of the LAC. Due to China’s belligerence, it is axiomatic that we should have desired combat ratios to offset possible evil designs,” 

When asked the locals about the army movements, the locals said- the Indian Army has sent three army divisions towards Galvan Ghati (Indo-China Border) in Ladakh to pull off Chinese forces. There will be no less than 30,000 well-trained soldiers from India’s end. Most of the army personnel sent comes from the Hindi-speaking belt. More and more soldiers may be pulled out of peaceful sectors of the nation to Ladakh to strengthen the Indian Army force. 

India and China have fortified their armies with fighter jets, tanks, heavy artillery, soldiers, and defense systems in the border area. 

One of the locally cited people said- “Military equipment, including tanks, has been moved to Ladakh from areas in the western sector where very favorable combat ratios already exist to deal with Pakistan,”