Indian Rafales on Mountain Night Flying Practice for Ladakh

Indian Rafales on Mountain Night Flying Practice for Ladakh

The first batch of five Indian Rafale Fighter Jets is practicing mountain night flying in the terrain of Himachal Pradesh. This practice session has been arranged to make the Golden Arrows Squadron with its SCALP air-to-ground stand-off weapon and Meteor beyond visual range air-to-air missile ready if the circumstances worsen on the line of actual control. 

LAC is 1597 km-long and is located in the Ladakh sector. From June 2020, a tensed environment has kept this area in the limelight.

The South Block officials said that the first batch of Rafale fighters, that landed on July 29 at the Indian Air Force airbase at Ambala, Haryana are “fully operational.” The fighter jets have the first 18 platforms in Ambala, and the next batch of 18 fighters will be based in Hasimara airbase located on the borders with Bhutan. India has signed a contract of purchasing 36 fighter jets manufactured by Dassault Aviation. 

One of the government officials said that as of now, the fighter jets are staying away from the LAC as the PLA (People’s Liberation Army) radars in occupied Aksai Chin identifies the frequency signatures. Further, he said that these fighter jets would be used in the worst scenarios. 

A military aviation expert said that the Rafale fighter jets could be used for training in Ladakh sectors as the jets are infused with PSP (programmable signal processors) and the capacity to change the signal frequencies. 

On this, an expert said- “Even though the Chinese PLA has placed their electronic intelligence radars on mountain tops in the occupied Aksai Chin area for a clear line of sight, the war-time signature of Rafale will be different from that in practice mode. The PLA aircraft detection radars are good as they have been manufactured keeping the US air force in mind,” Source: Hindustan Times. 

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