Indian Tech Companies May Not Like the New U.S. Visa Law

H1B Visa Application US Law

Recently, U.S. President Donald Trump has suspended all the highly-skilled workers’ visa applications until the end of 2020. The decision has been taken due to the sudden and devastating corona outbreak. 

On this, the White House stated, this will help the Americans fetch more jobs and maintain the country’s economy hit after the COVID-19 pandemic. Critics say that the White House has used a corona outbreak to consolidate the United States immigration laws. 

Out of all the working visas issued, the H-1B visa has been suspended, and it’s likely to affect many Indian I.T. professionals and companies. As per some reports on this update, Indians take almost 70% of the total H-1B visas (which is close to 85,000 H-1B visas) issues every year. 

Response Received on the New U.S. Visa Law- 

After the New U.S. Visa Law was announced official, soon, Google’s CEO, Sundar Pichai showcased his disappointment with the order released. 

He tweeted- “Immigration has contributed immensely to America’s economic success, making it a global leader in tech, and also Google the company it is today. Disappointed by today’s proclamation – we’ll continue to stand with immigrants and work to expand opportunity for all,”

Further on this, the President and CEO of the Information Technology Industry Council in the U.S., Jason Oxman stated- “stands to upend the ability of U.S. employers to hire the men and women they need to strengthen their workforce. We urge President Trump to reconsider his actions and work with the business community on a plan that will actually bolster job growth and ensure economic security for all Americans,” 

India’s Reaction on this Decision?

At present, the Indian Government has kept the Indo-China border tensions and corona worsening in a few states of India (Maharashtra and Delhi) as their focal points. Witnessing the current circumstances, Delhi cannot afford to have any disagreement with the White House; therefore, India may opt for a backchannel to prove as a helping hand for several I.T. companies established in India.  

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