61% Indians Are Doubtful About Taking COVID Vaccine – Say Polls

61% Indians Are Doubtful About Taking COVID Vaccine – Say Polls
image by Marco Verch Professional Photographer

The world is eagerly waiting for a solution to the wide-spreading COVID 19 pandemic. The lockdowns were quite effective to curb down on the drastic infection spread but now people are getting used to the ‘New Normal’. There are several discussions of vaccine trials and countries are doing extensive research to come out with a medicinal solution to improve COVID immunity.

The news is that the vaccine will be out sometime next year, the earliest possible. No organization is giving a confirmed date and everything is tentative. A recent survey conducted by LocalCircles showed that not everyone is eager to take the vaccine once it comes out. 61% of Indians stated that they will not be comfortable to take the vaccine as soon as it comes out and will prefer to wait. Few of the people have said that they were quite skeptical about the vaccine and not sure how it will impact their body. That is why they’d wait and not rush when the vaccine will be released. 

The change in life is something that affected us both physically and mentally. When the survey also asked the people how are they finding the restrictions, 38% of people said that they would live under the restrictions if that is going to keep everyone healthy. They would do as long as it is required. However, 23% said that the restrictions were too suffocating, and it’s getting tougher day by day.

The people were also asked about their mental health when most of the people stated that they were ‘anxious and worried’, ‘depressed’, ‘sad’ about the conditions while some said that they feel ‘calm and happy’

Despite the difficulty with their present way of living, most of them don’t want to take the vaccine because there is a lot of doubt around the invention.