India’s One of the Largest Forts is a Rent-Free Home to Thousands of People

India’s One of the Largest Forts is a Rent-Free Home to Thousands of People

Adrian Sulc / CC BY-SA

Apart from its vibrant culture and rituals, India is world-widely known for its lavish and grand forts. With this, India’s tour and travel industry make a hefty amount through the historic forts and other monuments keeping the historic stories inside them. 

In India, renting properties is one of the major sources of income, and in this scenario, the fact that a huge fort in Rajasthan is a rent-free home to thousands of people is no less than a surprise to the world. 

Recently, reports have been prepared on Rajasthan’s biggest fort, and it has been found that thousands of families have been living there for decades now, without paying anything for the same. 

The fort, which is a lavish home to thousands of Indians, was built by King Rawal Jaisal in 1156. The fort is well-known as Jaisalmer Fort of Rajasthan. As per UNESCO heritage study, it is the only living fort in the world. The reason why heritage or archeologists refer to this fort as a ‘living fort’ is that other forts in India or the entire world have either been converted into luxurious hotels or abandoned. 

Reports say that more than 4000 progenies of the fort’s inhabitants are still living inside the fort and have been making handsome money out of the tourism businesses out there. 

The Jaisalmer Fort has 99 bastions and stands 250 ft tall even after centuries. Its walls have been made up of yellow sandstone bricks, and the roof is covered with 3 feet mud to keep the temperature inside the fort cooler than outside. 

One of the interesting features of the fort is that its architecture is eco-friendly. 

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