Indo-China Border Updates: Indian Army Crossed LAC and Fired Warning Shots, Claims PLA

Indo-China Border Updates: Indian Army Crossed LAC and Fired Warning Shots, Claims PLA

Source Twitter / @EasternCommand_IA

In the wee hours of Monday, the Chinese Army accused the Indian troops of entering LAC illegally and firing shots to ignite unrest on the border. This happened after the defense minister of both nations had a word in Moscow. 

Now, as per the schedule, after two days, the foreign ministers of India and China are about to attend a meeting to discuss the soaring tensions on the border. 

The Mid-Night Tensions- 

PLA released a statement saying the Indian Army illegally crossed the LAC around the God Pao Mountain region’s shore. Zhang Shuili, the Western Theater Command Spokesperson of the People’s Liberation Army, said that these are some of the intense military proddings which may end up into something worse for both parties. 

As of now, neither the Indian government nor Army has released any statement on PLA’s claim. 

Shuili’s Statements – Warning Or Request?

PLA’s spokesperson stated that meanwhile, the operation was going on; the Indian troop came forward and fired warning shots on PLA’s patrolling personnel on China’s border. Therefore, the PLA took countermeasures to settle down the tensions on the border. 

Continuing further, Zhang suggested the Indian Army to stop making provocative actions immediately. 

The Last Action On Controversial Indo-China Border- 

In the past two weeks, the Chinese Army initiated provoking actions around the South Bank of Pangong Lake, Ladakh. 

Before this, both the armies saw tensed circumstances on August 31. It was a day-time operation where the PLA surrounded the Indian Army for the sake of regaining the heights that are already being ruled by the Indian Army. 

Now, all eyes are set on the Indian ruling government and army officials to react to the claim made.