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Indonesian Flight carrying 62 people crashes into sea, families of victims distraught

Indonesian Flight

The Sriwijaya Air flight was supposed to travel from Jakarta to Pontianak, but crashed within 5 minutes of its ascent in the air. 62 people are reported to be the casualties and authorities are not hopeful about finding their bodies in the sea, sources say. 


It was a Boeing 737 - 500 flight, a model that was not involved in the controversial lawsuit with US over its safety issues, because of the fact that it didn't use the incriminating software that was rumoured to be the cause of many crashes. 

Sriwijaya Air is a company that has mostly local passenger flights, and has no record of a crash until Saturday. The flight had 56 passengers and 6 cabin crew, all of which are assumed to be dead. The alarm was raised when the air controller at the airport noticed that the flight lost almost 10,000 feet of altitude in 60 seconds, within minutes of beginning the journey. The flight had already been delayed due to heavy rains in the area and had been cleared to fly after 30 - 40 minutes.

The Indonesian navy is doing its best to find the exact location of the crash. The sonar waves have pointed out a location at which there are parts of metal, appendages and fabric strewn in the sea. Divers have also found jeans and other debris inside the sea, reports say. 

The exact cause of the crash is unknown, and the authorities stated it would take months to find it out. However, a lot of people are blaming the flight model and Boeing after its lawsuit. Another factor is the fact that Indonesia has substandard safety regulations. The European Union had banned all Indonesian companies for about 10 years until 2018, due to a large number of crashes and incidents. The US has also declared the Indonesian safety regulation to be inadequate.

Indonesian government authorities however stood their ground stating that they had worked hard to meet international standards. The families of the victims have been distraught as they hope to find any miraculous news. A father waiting at the Pontianak airport sobbed saying he lost his wife and three daughters to the crash.