International News – Israel To Start The Human Trials Of Covid Vaccine – ‘Brilife’.

International News – Israel To Start The Human Trials Of Covid Vaccine – ‘Brilife’.
Image by Jernej Furman

Israel was among the first few countries who came forward with innovative formulations of a COVID vaccine and named it ‘Brilife’ now. The Israel Institute of Biological Research (IIBR) is doing extensive research and development to bring the vaccine into the market since March 2020. Through an official press release, it has been announced that the human trials will be conducted from October-end just like the authorities have promised an autumn trial previously.

Defence Minister Benny Gantz paid a visit to IIBR and the officials briefed him about the progress, regulatory processes, and detailed insight of the timeline.  The minister, on Monday, stated that reaching the stage of human trials is a ‘very significant moment’ for the country of Israel and also a matter of ‘national pride’. He called it an innovation that will not only benefit the Israel citizens in general but also the whole world. 

However, the press release did not disclose information regarding the duration of the human trials and the volunteers. The IIBR Director, Shmuel Shapira explained the reason for choosing ‘Brilife’ as the name of the COVID vaccine in the trial. ‘Bri’ stands for health in the Hebrew language, ‘il’ the common abbreviation used for Israel over the world wide web and life. If this innovation happens to be the breakthrough, the country is expecting it to be a huge boost for the economy and morale boost for society. 

IIBR is currently under the direct eye of the Prime Minister, Benjamin Netanyahu, and works with transparent communication with the Defence Ministry. The safety and efficacy trials are very important to gain the trust of the people who will be taking the vaccine. The PM has announced that the necessary funds and resources will be made available to the institution to proceed with further steps. The country is hoping to get to the patent and mass production stage with positive results.