Israel, US Fly to Bahrain to Advance Nascent Ties

Israel, US Fly to Bahrain to Advance Nascent Ties

Image by The White House

A collective delegation of American-Israeli is to fly to Bahrain on October 18th on an Israeli direct commercial flight to the Gulf Arab state. The delegates plan to sign several bilateral agreements followed by an announcement as per last month’s to normalize associations.

Meir Ben-Shabbat, the Prime Minister Netanyahu’s national security adviser and Steven Mnuchin, the US Treasury Secretary are managing the committee that is flying out of Tel Aviv’s Ben Gurion airport.

The international flight no. Al flight 973 is named after the dialling code for Bahrain, which is going to enroute to Manama flying over Saudi Arabia’s airspace. The delegates from the three countries will be speaking at the ceremony as soon as they land.

As per last month’s discussion to normalize relations, Israel and two Gulf Arab States are also going to set embassies and swap ambassadors. 

As part of the deal to normalize relations, the two Gulf Arab states and Israel will ultimately set embassies and trade ambassadors. According to the Israeli officials, the embassy has been planned and will be opening in the upcoming months.

In the city of Tel Aviv, Bahrain is planning to open its embassy similar to the United Arab Emirates, and that is the area where most of the country’s embassies are located because of Jerusalem’s contested status.

Israeli and Bahraini officials have endured various discussions since declaring their purpose to set full relations. October 18th in-person assemblages, however, are perceived as an added move towards making things normalize.

Meanwhile, the UAE and Israel have previously contracted several businesses, intergovernmental agreements and banking.

The UAE and Bahrain have officially signed the deal to normalize association with Israel at the White House in a ceremony on September 15th. The Israeli delegation is expected to travel back to Tel Aviv succeeding on October 18th, but the Americans will go to the UAE before travelling to Israel on October 20th.