Jack Ma makes his First Public Appearance After October

Jack Ma
Foundations World Economic Forum, CC BY 2.0, via Wikimedia Commons

The Alibaba Founder has been missing from public view ever since October. The Chinese regulators have shown concerns about his businesses and started investigating further. Ever since this news broke out, The founder stayed away from the public eye and this created a lot of speculation around his whereabouts. The official probing and analysis of his businesses have put Alibaba in news for quite a while and the recent interaction of the businessman had been with rural teachers of China.

The Company Founder conversed with 100 rural teachers through a video conference as a part of his Charity Foundation initiative. The meeting was held on Wednesday. Usually, the addressing event is held annually as a part of the Foundation’s efforts to promote quality service to society. However, because of the prevalent pandemic conditions, it has been shifted to a virtual platform. 

“We cannot meet in Sanya due to the pandemic” Mr. Ja started the addressing. He promised that they will be making up for the lost opportunity to meet soon once the situation settles down. He was seen in a very laid back mood, very serene and content. He wore a blue pullover and chose a very simple grey room to be seated in. The speech session was not too long but enough to fill newfound confidence and vigor in the teachers. The curiosity around his location did not reduce because no one had an idea from where he was speaking to the teachers.

Mr. Ja is the Founder and a very important shareholder of the Ant Company that has come under the scrutiny of Chinese officials. A major check into the company’s operations was ordered that created quite a stir within the executive body and posed problems to Jack Ma. Alibaba was also under the radar for the doubt of Monopoly Tactics in the company. Alibaba said his absence wasn’t something to be worried about and mainly happened because of some sudden change in Schedules but the man has been missing from the public eye ever since he made statements in October.