James Bond, Sean Connery dies at 90

James Bond, Sean Connery dies at 90
[email protected], CC BY-SA 4.0, via Wikimedia Commons

The Oscar winner, Sean Connery, who played Mr James Bond for generations died at age 90. Their family spokesperson, Nancy Seltzer confirmed on October 31st that the suave 007 is no more with us. She also said that there would be a private ceremony followed by a memorial after the pandemic is over.

Micheline, his wife and two sons, Stephane and Jason, confirmed that the legendary actor died peacefully in his sleep. The news was first reported by BBC and later on the Twitter account of the James Bond films by honoring Sir Sean Connery who was the first actor to be called as James Bond in 1962 on the big screen in Dr. No. He was James Bond in a number of movies from Russia With Love, Thunderball, Goldfinger, Diamonds Are Forever, and You Only Live Twice.

He was the one who made the line ‘The name’s Bond, James Bond’ famous and those remained the unforgettable words of all time. He was indeed the essence of the sophisticated yet dangerous spy with a license to kill and had the power to boast his hairy chest in the process.

The diehard fans of Sean Connery had said when James Bond films were planning to get a new Bond that no one could walk in his footsteps to look like the ultimate Bond.

The author of ‘James Bond Unmasked’, Bill Desowitz, said that Connery was the most culturally as well as the first influential Bond. He had the exact mix of tough appeal but with a sense of refinement.

Steven Spielberg, the director, summed it up in style by talking about the moment when Sean Connery got the lifetime achievement award in 2006. And had mentioned that there was a time when every man wanted but like him, and women just wanted!