JianKou: Photogenic Spot of China’s Great Wall

JianKou: Photogenic Spot of China’s Great Wall

Image From Ian Bruce on Flickr

After coronavirus travel restrictions, people would be able to see a major segment of the Great Wall of China. Till then, JianKou has been stealing everyone’s attention these days!

The Great Wall of China is seen as one of the most visited and renowned creations of this country, which winds for more than 21,000 km. 

However, JianKou is located in and around 100kms north of Beijing, yet it looks completely different from its neighboring areas, including- Mutianyu and Badaling. 

On this, Ma Yao, the Project Manager of the Great Wall Protection Project, said- “Every year, maybe one or two people die hiking on this part of the wall,” Source: BBC. 

He continued and said- “You can see the mountains here. The machines can’t come here. We have to use people. But we should use technologies to help these people to do this work better.” Source: BBC. 

Ma said- “The technology helped us to repair the wall as traditionally as possible,” Source: BBC. 

William Lindesay, a Historian, and Conservationist said- “Just over the hill there are 20 million people,” Source: BBC. 

Lindesay continued and said- “So, the ‘leave nothing but footprints’ [advice] – even footprints can actually damage the wall.” Source: BBC. 

Reports say Lindesay devoted his entire life researching and writing about the conservation of the wall. Originally from England, he saw it on a global map in 1967 as a boy and decided to explore it once in a lifetime. 

Williams stated- “It wasn’t this scenic footslog. I was stopped by the police nine times – you could call them arrests,” Source: BBC. 

Further, he added- “I was eventually charged with repeated trespassing in closed areas, and I was deported. So, I went to Hong Kong and [was later able to come back in]. I had the physical adventure, the political adventure – and I made three proposals of marriage to the same girl, so I had the romantic adventure.” Source: BBC. 

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Source: BBC