Joaquin Pheonix To Play Napolean Bonaparte In Ridley Scott’s Kitbag

Joaquin Pheonix To Play Napolean Bonaparte In Ridley Scott’s Kitbag

The Oscar-winning actor, Joaquin Pheonix is known for his versatile acting, strong screen presence, and a very impactful performance that leaves the viewers in a daze even after the credits start to roll. He has several significant roles in his bag and the newest addition will be that of ‘Napolean Bonaparte’ in Ridley Scott’s ‘Kitbag’. The actor-director duo was last seen working together for ‘Gladiator’. 

The director is known to create magic on screen and the actor’s skills will only add to the magnificence. After the failure of Stanley Kubrick’s attempt at making a Napolean film, the interest is piqued to see how this one will turn out. The budget will be on the high end, and Scott-Kevin Walsh will be producing under his banner Scott Free. The film will be getting a strong back-up from 20th Century Studios. 

The Historical Drama will be seen depicting the life of the famous emperor in ways that people have not witnessed before. It will take you through the journey of ups and downs, strong ambition, will-power, and several obstacles that blocked the way of the French emperor. His ruthless approach and quick climb to the Nobel numbers will be filmed in detail. The volatile and often conflicted relationship with his wife, Josephine, and the kind of influence she had on the man will be told. The main motive of the movie is to capture the great battles on the celluloid, make people aware of the ruler’s strategic mind, exemplary approach to situations, and war visionary.

Pulling off such a strong character will not be an easy task and Joaquin seems to be excited to take up the challenge. The actor is, after all, the one who takes the ship forward under the captain’s guidance (director). After Ridley Scoot wraps up his Gucci music drama that stars Lady Gaga, this film is expected to go on floors sometime in 2021.