How: Joe Biden Becomes the 46th President of the United States

Joe Biden Becomes the 46th President of the United States

Image by Ennoti

The former vice president and also the longtime fixture of national politics, Joe Biden, was projected to win Pennsylvania state and it was all over the news on Saturday that he needed 270 to win the election. He is now leading with 290 as on November 8th. 

After the projection, Biden in a statement said that he was humbled by the trust all the citizens of American people have shown in him and the first woman to be the Vice President of the United States Harris. 

It has been a four years journey for the former President, and this time Biden expanded his support from the suburbs to win a handful of critical states. This just exposed that the US is an established and divided nation with only little discrepancies defining the President.

After the 2016 elections, Donald Trump had screeched out a victory by a united 77,000 votes in the blue wall states Pennsylvania, Wisconsin and Michigan. This time Biden left no stone unturned and won back all three states with a slightly wider margin. 

The major flip this time from the 2016 election was that a Democrat won Arizona which is the red voted state and the last time a Democrat in Arizona was in 1996. Joe Biden is on the verge of winning Georgia which is again a Republican state which is under recount at the moment.

By supporting both, and acquiring Nevada, Joe Biden seems poised to succeed by a suitable elective margin with over 306 electoral votes which will be exactly like Donald Trump’s victory in 2016.

North Carolina is still under tallying as due to its late-arriving absentee polls. Biden continues to hold the popular vote lead of 74.5 million (50.5%) to 70.3 million (47.7%) as of November 7th.