Johnny Depp Exits Fantastic Beasts After Asked To Resign By Studio

Johnny Depp Exits Fantastic Beasts After Asked To Resign By Studio

On Friday, Hollywood superstar Johnny Depp confirmed that he is going to appeal against a UK court ruling that supported the claim he was violent to Amber Heard, his ex-wife.

The actor wrote on his Instagram that the judgement by the UK court is not going to be the deciding factor about the truth, and he is going to fight to let the truth come out. He also added that he is planning to appeal again.

The superstar actor of the Pirates of the Caribbean lost a lying lawsuit against the publishers of British newspaper called The Sun who had referred to the 57-year-old actor as a ‘wife beater.’

Judge Andrew Nicol said that the article was ‘Substantially true’ and hence dismissed Depp’s claim that 3 weeks of announcements of the couple’s turbulent relationship.

He also added that 12 out of the 14 claimed events which publishers News Group Newspapers supported were true and also met the balance of probability and the civil burden of proof.

Johnny Depp stated in a typewritten as well signed document that he is going to resolve this and also will prove all the allegations false, which is affecting his career at the moment. He clearly stated on his note that he is not letting this incident decide for his future.

The lawsuit in London’s High Court has also exposed the actor who has been battling with drink and drugs along with his two marriages in detail about his two-year marriage with 34-year-old Amber Laura Heard, actress and a model. She is dating an American painter and photographer, Tasya van Ree.

Johnny Depp also stated that he has finally agreed to part ways with Warner Bros as they had asked him to resign from his role in the Harry Potter franchise as Gellert Grindelwald in the Fantastic Beasts movie.