Jumpstart for Tourism Industry? Chinese Begin Travelling for Holiday

Jumpstart for Tourism Industry? Chinese Begin Travelling for Holiday
Image by M15t3r Dr4g0n from Pixabay

Chinese tourists are usually very enthusiastic about the holiday season and prefer to go on week-long National Day holidays abroad.

Millions of Chinese travel every year but with this year’s travel restrictions due to the outbreak of coronavirus indicates that almost 40% of the population, over 600 tourists might have to travel within the country.

According to China’s largest online travel company, Ctrip, there is a 25% decline in the travel rate and increase in the domestic trips that generated 95.4 billion dollars as per the government data.

The drop happens as some in China abide cautious of the coronavirus and opt not to follow the holiday race. The country’s borders remain shut for international visitors. The long eight-day holiday which is termed as the Golden Week celebrates the establishment of the People’s Republic in 1949. This time it is colliding with the Mid-Autumn Festival, working as a test for China’s tourism industry that if it can boomerang following the thump, earlier in the year. At the beginning of the Lunar New Year, travelling was completely restricted even within the city as China was fighting the spread of coronavirus. It has started from the central city of Wuhan and has incurred over 34 million people, killing above a million.

The Golden Week holiday in October is basically the most bustling time for a domestic trip. The Ministry of Culture and Tourism announced on Thursday that tourism revenue totalled $11.3 billion, near to 70% that of last year’s. In Beijing, 223 major tourist attractions recorded nearly 1.1 million visits, also stated by the city’s Bureau of Culture and Tourism.

With the world’s biggest-spending vacationists are splurging their money touring domestically, local governments are extending discounts and subsidies to travellers that include complimentary or massively discounted tickets to attractions.