Justin Bieber gets Vulnerable in the Performance of ‘Lonely’ on ‘SNL’

Justin Bieber gets Vulnerable in the Performance of ‘Lonely’ on ‘SNL’
Image by Sebastian Vital

On Saturday Night Live, Justin Bieber was keeping things simple which was appreciated by all his fans. After performing for the last four times with Issa Rae as the host on the long-running show, he presented a raw, stripped-back variant of his song “Lonely” regarding the withdrawal of his childhood stardom. 

The pop singer, Justin Bieber, is 26 years old and skipped the traditional stage setup for the performance and chose to start from the backstage. Starting from the dressing room mirror to the dimly lit and quiet hall of Saturday Night Live.

With an actor, Jacob Tremblay, who is 14 years old is starring in Justin Bieber’s recent music video called the “Lonely” on October 16th. The young actor is portraying the young Beiber and has been showcasing his feelings as he was growing up in the limelight.

Beiber has sung his heart out in the music video with lyrics that talk about how he thought as a famous kid that growing old will be calmer than earlier, and still, he feels no one is listening to him, and he is lonely. And then blaming the fame, he got at an early age that is the reason he is paying the price for it.

On social media platforms, fans have been praising Beiber for his stripped-back performance, and the raw emotions that have been displayed are outstanding. After having a disturbed few years growing up as the talent manager Scooter Braun discovered him on YouTube, he has finally started settling down now.  

He is now married to Hailey Baldwin and has been very candid about his mental health and the struggles he had with drug abuse as a young chap.

There have been many actors tweeting about his newly released music video and appreciating the rawness and emotions conveyed through the video.