Kangana Ranaut Empathise with Aamir Khan’s daughter Ira on Depression Issues

Kangana Ranaut Empathise with Aamir Khan’s daughter Ira on Depression Issues
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Ira Khan revealed her diagnosis of clinical depression through a video on the World Mental Health Day, stating that she has been suffering from depression for over four years now. Kangana Ranaut empathised and compared her story with Aamir Khan’s daughter after Ira’s post.

On Sunday, Ira Khan wrote on Instagram with a video that there are lots of things that are happening and which makes a person stressful, confused etc. all at the same time. She wanted to reach out to people and start a conversation on the World Mental Health Day.

The video Ira had posted admitting that she has been clinically depressed for almost four years and now over a year she has been feeling much better. She asked intriguing questions to all her viewers about why you are depressed about, when you have everything in life and so forth.

She also wanted to do something related to mental illness and make it easy for people to discuss in public about depression, like just any other physical illness.

Kangana has frequently spoken on mental health, exercising indirect swipes at Deepika Padukone as well and has always targeted people who are running false mental illness claims.

After Ira Khan had posted the video, Kangana Ranaut shared on Instagram about her story that she was facing physical assault at the age of 16, when she had to take care of her sister who was burnt with acid and also suffering media rage. There can be several causes of depression though it’s usually tricky for broken families kids, the traditional family system is essential, also stated along with Ira’s video. She seems to be implying that Ira’s depression is as her parents separated, a case that didn’t go down great with several people on social media. Ira is Aamir’s daughter with first wife, Reena Dutta.