Karachi Blast Kills 3 And Injures Others

Karachi Blast Kills 3 And Injures Others

An ear-shattering explosion made the residents of Karachi panic and run for help in the Gulshan-i-Iqbal area that happens to be near the Maskan Chowrangi in Karachi. The source of the blast has not been found yet and the explosion took place during the early hours of Wednesday, 21st October 2020. The nature of the blast has not been declared officially but the Police are speculating that it could have been a cylinder blast in the building. As soon as the Mubina Town police were informed regarding the incident, they reached the area and began helping the others around the place. The other people in the building were asked to come out immediately and minor injuries were taken care of.  The bomb disposal squad has also been notified to assess the situation that will give a clear understanding as to how the blast happened and why.

The blast took the lives of 3 people and 15 others have varied nature of injuries. The people were immediately sent to the Patel hospital for treatment and medical attention. The dead bodies of the unfortunate have also been sent there. The residents in the area have reported that the incident took place so suddenly, there was nothing anyone could have done to change the course.

Few of them also stated that the blast damaged the windows and possessions of people living in the surrounding buildings and even cars have been damaged to an extent. The explosion took place in a flat on the second floor of the building. 

This incident came out as quite a shock for the authorities as a day earlier, another blast sent the people into an ‘alarm mode’. A blast at the entrance of Sheerin Jinnah colony bus terminal injured 5 people while no dead cases were registered.