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Katrina Kaif Shines In A Printed Floral Short Dress In Instagram Post

Katrina Kaif Instagram Post

Source (Instagram)

Compared to other Bollywood Divas, Katrina Kaif is relatively new to the social media platform – Instagram. But she leaves no table unturned when it comes to levelling up the fashion game. In a new post, she was seen wearing a white short dress with light-coloured floral and leaf print, smiling widely for the camera.

She seemed at ease, happy, and extremely comfortable in her skin. The frilled dress had puffed sleeves that narrowed down to hug her arms as they went down till the elbow. The pastel pink color flowers and mixed green colored leaves added more glamour with a white background. The dress had a cleavage cut neck, a belt wrapped around her waist, and the crystal clear skin of the diva radiated with joy. The estimated cost of the dress is around 38,000 INR – designed by Gauri and Nainika.

When it comes to makeup, she kept it simple and sweet. Her hair was blow-dried to soft curls that landed effortlessly over her shoulders and descended down like silk threads. She left her ears and neck bare without jewelry, taking the entire attention to her healthy skin. The flushed cheeks are a result of a proper blush, light kohl highlighted her eyes, and a nude lip color fit into the soft and subtle makeup attempt. 

Well, Katrina seems to be someone who believes in going for the girl-next-door approach because most of her Instagram posts are filled with pictures that see her donning simple attires that scream ‘comfort’. The actress is comfortable in her skin and that is why it seems like she is pulling off her outfits effortlessly.

The reason behind posting the aforementioned picture was the first anniversary of her beauty company. It’s been around for an hour and picked up its sales, thanks to the Bollywood actress’s popularity and the word of mouth.