LAC Tensions – India Sends Back Chinese Soldier Who Crossed LAC

LAC Tensions – India Sends Back Chinese Soldier Who Crossed LAC
Image by BMN Network

With the growing tensions, talks, and negotiations, the LAC region has become a widely scrutinized area by both the Indian and Chinese armed forces. Under such circumstances, Corporal Wang Ya Long happened to enter the Indian territory across the LAC in the Demchok sector. When the Indian armed forces noticed, he was reproached for the same. The incident happened on 18th October 2020.

During the early hours of Wednesday, 21st October 2020, the Chinese Soldier was sent back to his country, and the news is confirmed by both Indian and Chinese media, authorities. At the Chushul – Moldo meeting point, the PLA Soldier was respectfully sent back and handed over to the Frontier Chinese troops. 

The Indian and Chinese sides are contemplating to set a date for the 8th Corps Commander talks that most probably will be in this week.  On October 12th, the 7th round of talks was held between the two countries. Though both the countries’ defense forces had stated that the discussion had been fruitful and an ‘in-depth and constructive exchange of opinions’ happened, there is no sign of a reduction in the lingering hostility and de-escalation of tensions. 

Chinese forces have confirmed that they have been in touch with the Indian armed forces regarding the Corporal and Indians have done everything from providing good oxygen, food, and warm stay for the Chinese soldier in the harsh border climatic conditions. It was stated that the Corporal was trying to help local herdsmen retrieve a yak when they requested him and accidentally strayed into the Indian zone. 

PLA released an official statement that the information was conveyed to India immediately and requested for aid in search of the Chinese soldier. The response came in positive. The Chinese sides are seeing this warm gesture of India as a welcoming experience right before the 8th session of talks.