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Lawsuit Filed Against U.S. Department Of Labour Regarding H1b Visa Rule

President Trump’s H1-B Visa Ban Not That Big Trouble for India’s IT Sector

Image from Shealah Craighead / Public domain

A group of 17 individuals, universities, and business organizations filed a lawsuit against the US department of labor, challenging their decisions and intellect while declaring the interim final rule on wages of h1b visa holders.

The new rule renders US organizations from hiring foreign labor and replacing the existing ones with them. The White House has declared that the wage levels of the H-1B holders will be identified and also their foreign labor programs will be analyzed. This is a step taken to improve the working standards of H1B workers and also provide similar wages for resident US employees. 

However, there are several others who think the decision is irrational and taken in haste. Experts say that the rule is in no way helping the pandemic condition or the economic turmoil of the country. 

The lawsuit clearly states that the rule is poorly drafted, not properly issued and it doesn’t stand in accordance with the procedural rules of rule making and thus happens to be incorrect and irrational. They also stated that the decision was taken based on a personal whim by the governing body without analyzing the market with a broad mind. 

The University of Michigan, Chapman University, University of Denver are some of the educational organizations that joined the businesses to file the lawsuit in the US District Court for the District of Columbia on Monday. The admissions from foreign students are going to be significantly affected because of the changes.