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Lebanon Mourns Over Beirut Blast

Lebanon Mourns Over Beirut Blast

After a massive explosion in the capital of Lebanon, Beirut, more than 78 people have died where 4000+ have been severely injured. The incident took place on Tuesday. 

This devastating incident started with a fire at the port later it exploded into a mushroom cloud. Soon this explosion shook the entire city.

On this, Micheal Aoun, the President of Lebanon, said there were more than 2,750 tonnes of ammonium nitrate stored in an unsafe manner in a warehouse for more than six years. Witnessing the devastation done, the officials have decided to observe an official mourn period for three days starting from Wednesday. 

The President called for an urgent cabinet meeting on Wednesday and declared a two-week state of emergency. 

George Kettani, the Head of Lebanon’s Red Cross, had a word with the local media on this and said- “What we are witnessing is a huge catastrophe,” Source: BBC. 

Further, he added- “There are victims and casualties everywhere.” Source: BBC. 

Soon after witnessing the damage done, the President announced 100 billion Iira ($66 million) of emergency funds to overcome the loss. 

Sunniva Rose, one of the journalists who entered ground zero to cover the story, said- “Driving into Beirut early evening when it was still light, it was absolute chaos. The streets were literally covered in glass. It’s hard for ambulances to go through – there’s bricks, cement slabs. Houses have collapsed.” Source: BBC. 

“There was still smoke going up into the sky late into the evening. The whole city was black. It was very hard to walk around; people were covered in blood. I saw an 86-year-old woman being treated by a doctor who had just run out of his home with a first aid kit. Cars were entirely smashed by rocks. These old-style houses with big cuts of rock had just fallen down on the street.” Rose added. 

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