Levi’s Unravels its Most Imperishable Jeans of all Times

Levi’s Unravels its Most Imperishable Jeans of all Times

One of the leading denim brands – Levi’s has launched its one of the most sustainable jeans of all time now. This new jeans type is made up of circulose and organic cotton, making it a reliable yet swanky choice. 

The global brand says that the jeans have been made after five years of determined research on the fabric and preferred design. 

Giving comments on this sustainable jeans ever, Levi’s Senior Designer for Innovation, Una Murphy, said- “We want to recycle Levi’s jeans in a way that doesn’t diminish their quality. By collaborating with Re:newcell, our garment-to-garment recycling takes an important step forward.” Source: Fashion United. 

Further, she said- “Recycling keeps garments out of landfills and minimises the use of natural resources. We’re transforming old jeans into high-quality materials, moving us beyond traditional cotton recycling, which shortens and breaks fibres. By using high-quality fibre, Levi’s jeans last longer, and designing for circularity allows our old jeans to become new jeans, again and again.” Source: Fashion United. 

The jeans have been designed, keeping the classic 90’s style preference in mind. It will have a flattering high rise with loose legs for the perfect look. 

To this, Levi’s Vice President Global Product Innovation, Paul Dillinger said- “This is a sustainability challenge that we’ve been wrestling with for years, so it’s really exciting to see an aspirational concept become a familiar pair of Levi’s jeans that consumers can actually buy and wear,” Source: Fashion United. 

Continuing the comments on the recently launched jeans, Paul said- “The fashion industry has long been chasing the potential of the ‘circular economy.’ The jeans we’ve made in collaboration with Re:newcell proves that it can be done.” Source: Fashion United. 

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Source: fashionunited