LinkedIn Stories in India Undertakes Other Product Upgrades

LinkedIn Stories in India Undertakes Other Product Upgrades
Image by 3D Animation Production Company from Pixabay

With the COVID-19 pandemic this year, professionals have to connect online for work or business with lockdowns, social distancing in play. There is increasing unemployment across the globe, which has brought people on the LinkedIn platform in the last few months, as stated by Vice-President of product, Kiran Prasad.

In the pandemic, there has been an increase in business in India, and the platform is experiencing approximately 5 million new members in the last six to eight months. Since 2009 there has been a 20x growth in the country, from people seeking job opportunities to seeking help related to business.

The Microsoft owned company also stated that since March there had been 60% growth in the increase in content creation as compared to last year’s performance. The statistics show that every second 3 new members are joining and the coronavirus outbreak has changed the product requirement for all.

The new feature that LinkedIn is introducing on October 6th is the stories that are already present on Instagram, Facebook and Twitter. 

 LinkedIn has already launched stories in the US, Australia, Canada, Brazil, France, Netherlands and the UAE so far. Users can publish images and videos up to 20 seconds, which will be visible on their profiles for 24 hours, just the same way it exists for other social media platforms.

There is an uptick in the progress of accepting stories in other countries as the primary reason behind LinkedIn picking up is because working from home has changed the working hours and now home life including working throughout the day.

The response of stories in the US has been overwhelming where people have started sharing their work moments at home, with kids or pets, etc., which are in the professional tonality. People coveted something that was a little bit more evanescent.