Lockdown can be a ‘Layered’ Mental Health Issue in Future

Lockdown can be a ‘Layered’ Mental Health Issue in Future

Images by Mary Pahlke and marian anbu juwan from Pixabay

A Psychologist consultant says that people who are not seeking mental health support during lockdown can suffer “layered” mental health issues in the upcoming years. 

Dr. Bob Colgate from Bridgend’s Princess of Wales Hospital said that the demand has “changed abruptly,” with a few asking for assistance while others said that they are facing severe stress and depression.

Further, he added- “The number of referrals and people asking for assistance dropped hugely. Our concern is that people with mental health concerns are not presenting. They are not coming to the hospital, which is understandable, [but] they are also not accessing their GP.” Source: BBC. 

Dr. Colgate said that the most concerning factor are that the hospitals are witnessing patients who have been fit as a fiddle three or four months back. 

Continuing his concern on the sudden change in the mental health of an increasingly high number of people, he said- “Some of those patients will potentially be more unwell or more complex than they otherwise would have been,” Source: BBC. 

“There are a lot of issues now, such as anxiety, depression associated with loneliness or isolation, or concerns about jobs and finances. All these things could be layered on top of the normal problems,” he added—Source: BBC. 

Health Boards Require Governmental Guidance- 

Alun Thomas, the Chief Executive at Hafal, said- “We have seen some situations where services have been shut where they shouldn’t have been shut, and that has been addressed and dealt with. The key is that these seven health boards have needed guidance from the government, so the health boards then work to a plan, rather than the health boards trying to devise plans and then get them checked out by the Welsh Government.” Source: BBC. 

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Source: BBC