Madhya Pradesh Runs ‘Intezaar Aapka’ Campaign to Welcomes Tourists

Madhya Pradesh Runs ‘Intezaar Aapka’ Campaign to Welcomes Tourists
Jungle safari - Kanha National Park, Ashishmahaur / CC BY-SA

The coronavirus pandemic restricted travel and tourism to any state and country for more than three months. As the Indian government runs the ‘Unlock’ phase throughout the nation, several states have started to reopen their tourism management. 

To this, MPTB (Madhya Pradesh Tourism Board) has inaugurated a campaign ‘Intezaar Aapka’ to lure the travelers and announce themselves as open for tour and travels. 

On Tuesday, Madhya Pradesh Tourism Board wrote on its official Twitter account- “I’m home to one of the greatest love stories. Of Sultan Baz Bahadur and Rani Roopmati. Home to forts, lakes, and tombs, I even inspired the Taj Mahal. I am Mandu. I’ve been here for centuries. And I’ll always be here, waiting for you. #IntezaarAapka #MPTourism” Source: Twitter

The fresh tagline ‘Intezaar Aapka’ seems to be a perfect choice of words to hit the emotional state of travel lovers who have been waiting for traveling restrictions to be lifted up. The campaign is getting a good response on social media channels, which depicts how eagerly people have been waiting for such announcements. 

At present, MPTB has decided to promote ‘Intezaar Aapka’ in places holding tourist interests like- Amarkantak, Ujjain, Panchmari, Bandhavgarh, Mandu, and Kanha. The narration of the campaign includes mention of historical monuments and other key highlights located in these spots. 

Another segment of the campaign pays attention to the MP’s parks, wildlife, and temples, which were reopened on June 15 during the ‘Unlock’ 2 phase. The ASI monuments of the state were reopened from July 6. 

Keeping the comfort and hygiene factor in mind, the board has designed new tourism packages of short trips to attract people for quick weekend trips. 

At present, Madhya Pradesh has more than 14930 COVID-19 positive cases, whereas 608 confirmed deaths. 

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Source: Times Of India