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Maharashtra’s Bhandara District hospital Erupts in Flames

A massive fire broke out in the Bhandara District General Hospital in Maharashtra, killing 10 newborn children on Saturday, 9th of January. Maharashtra Home Minister visited the accident site on the same day the accident happened. 

Ten babies died when the fierce fire broke out in the Special Newborn Care Unit (SNCU) of the District hospital. The health care center is situated 900 kilometers away from Mumbai, the city capital of the state Maharashtra. The incident left a deep impact on the people and also the government authorities. 

The parents of the deceased new born babies blamed the hospital authorities for the incident. They claimed that they have ignored their responsibilities and didn't care for the babies that required their utmost attention. No hospital staff were harmed when the incident happened and this led to more protests from the parent community. 

The fire was supposed to spread even further but the nurses who noticed the smoke coming from the neonatal unit immediately informed the authorities. The fire brigade came on time and 10 other babies were saved from the dreadful fate. However, the families strongly felt it was the hospital authorities who were neglectful and didn’t respect their job.

Vishwanath behere and his wife Geeta, whose baby was one among the several that died, gave a statement to the media that no doctor or nurse was present in the neonatal unit when the incident happened. They were extremely neglectful, ignored their duties and that is why they couldn’t stop the fire sooner. He wanted the respective authorities to look into the case and give stringent punishment to all those who are responsible for the accident.

The babies that died were aged between a few days to a few months. The main reason for death was that their tiny lungs couldn’t handle the dense smoke. Most of them died because of suffocation. 

Maharashtra Chief Minister, Uddhav Thackerey, has issued an official probe into the accident and it is possible that he will be visiting the accident site on Sunday to meet the parents of the dead children. The Government is planning to take strict action against whoever is responsible for the horrific incident.