Major Social Media Biggies Questioned about the Hate Content on the Platforms

Social Media
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The MPs grilled the social media executives about what measures they have taken to stop the spread of hate content over their social media portals. This procedure has come up after the violent incidents that happened in Washington where a mob broke into the congress. Social media played a vital role to propagate the sentiments of hate among the people and this has completely blown the conspiracy to new heights.

All the media groups have admitted that they don’t have sufficient rules and norms to monitor extremist activities and curb down the controversial conspiracies. However, no one came forward with ideas or new policies to combat the problem. The Government announced new rules that will moderate the content on such public platforms and any form of violent plans will be immediately discouraged. Facebook said that it has removed and banned about 30,000 pages ever since last summer to reduce the propagation of unhealthy social movements. 

The Vice-President of Facebook, Monika Bickert, stated that the company was doing everything to monitor the kind of information that is being circulated on the platform. Any usage of slang or terms that seem to be in the militia tone was being stopped and banned. She said that there is a 24-hour group that has been monitoring the activities of groups and post discussions and the fight conspiracies that led to the Washington incident are still under scrutiny. She said Facebook is in close association with the legal authorities and is completely cooperating with them.

The MPs also questioned Twitter’s move of banning Donald Trump permanently from the platform while they were still allowing other politicians to make remarks over several similar situations. The company’s Head of Public Policy Strategy stated that this was the time to move beyond the conversation of talking about Trump and focus on if the social media platforms are implementing their rules properly.

He said that the activity of the Ex-President of India was directly inclined towards the inflicting of violence in public. Tik Tok claimed that it had lesser content of the banned groups but the observation from last summer showed that the video content over the platform also had activity revolving around hate content.