The Makers and Cast of Tandav apologize for Hurting Sentiments


The makers and cast of the Amazon Prime Show, Tandav, have released an apology to the groups who strongly believed that the content has hurt the sentiments of Hindus. A certain section of scenes in the series have been portrayed in a very derogatory manner and this did not go down well with the Hindu community. The Hindi politicians have expressed strong discontent and demanded that the show should be banned and removed from the OTT platform and other Internet sources. 

One ruling member of the Bharatiya Janata Party stated that the series was deliberately mocking the Hindu Gods. One of the scenes in the series shows a stage play in a popular university (VNU) that has some very evident similarities with JNU. The play has Narada and Lord Shiva talking to each other but they have been prepped to look like modern Gods. The character of Shiva focuses on the concept of ‘Azaadi’ or ‘Freedom’ which is a controversial topic in India. Also, he utters the words ‘What the…’ during the play and this did not go down well with the Hindu worshippers. Making a Godly character utter offensive words have triggered hostile sentiments against the Amazon Prime show. 

The series is loosely based on ‘House of Cards’ and stars popular names like Saif Ali Khan, DImple Kapadia, and Sunil Grover among others. In an Instagram post, Director Ali Abbas Zafar clarified that the series is a Work of Fiction and any resemblance to any person, place or event is only coincidental and not intended. He also posted the same on Twitter. 

He added that the Cast and Crew of Tandav apologize if the content has unintentionally hurt the sentiments of a section of the society. He strongly stated that no deliberate attempts were made to hurt anyone’s feelings. The Director also said the Ministry of Information and Broadcasting has received several complaints and grievances against the series with serious concerns and apprehensions.  Amazon India Ltd has refused to make any comments over the issue to the media portals. Maharashtra’s BJP Leader, Ram Khadan, also filed a written complaint against the series and shared the same on his social media handle, Twitter.