Maldives and Nepal to receive COVID vaccines from India

Image by hakan german from Pixabay

The Ministry of External Affairs made the announcement that the country will be supplying COVID vaccines to Maldives and Nepal while keeping India’s needs in mind as the primary priority. The vaccines will be sent in a phased manner over a span of weeks to months. India presently stands as one of the leading nations that have actively involved itself in making the coronavirus vaccine. Several people have already been given the vaccine in the country. 

The country will be providing batches of COVID vaccines to other countries under grant assistance. These countries include Maldives, Nepal, Afghanistan, Bhutan, Seychelles, and Myanmar. Once the needed permissions and regulatory clearances are done, the vaccines will also be sent to Mauritius, Sri Lanka, and Afghanistan. 

India is presently the largest producer of the coronavirus vaccine and several countries have made the request to send the vaccine batches to their country. The Prime Minister of India, Shri. Narendra Modi expressed his happiness over the fact that the country was playing an important role in maintaining global healthcare standards and has remained to be a ‘trusted partner’ in this cause. Several batches of vaccines have been prepared and the sending procedures began on Thursday, 20th of January. 

The Ministry of External Affairs announced that India was committed to making COVID vaccines and is trying to increase the production capacity and delivery statistics. It is making tremendous efforts to not only keep its own citizens healthy but also to improve the living conditions of other neighbouring and partner countries to benefit humanity as a whole. 

India introduced the biggest inoculation drive where more than 1.3 Billion people of the country will be given the two Covid vaccines - Covaxin and Covishield. The main preference is being given to the healthcare department and frontline workers. Several people have already taken the vaccine and the statistics of how they reacted to the administration remained to be in a mixed state. Some developed side effects, some adversely suffered while the remaining portion was healthy and active. The pointers about who shouldn’t take the vaccine have been recently announced.