Marks & Spencer Food Range Will Be Available Online

Marks & Spencer Food Range Will Be Available Online

Tony Monblat / CC BY

From Tuesday, the world widely recognized business Marks & Spencer will be making its complete range of eatables available online to order. So far, all the competitors of the brand have been practicing this for a long time now. 

Recently, M&S has purchased 50% of shares of Ocado’s retail business to enable their online food business operations. Ocado is a globally recognized grocer that offers internet-based delivery services. 

This launch has come at a critical time for M&S when the brand is already looking forward to cutting more than 7000 jobs due to the pandemic. 

One of the experts from the industry, Kate Hardcastle had a word with BBC regarding this, and she said that M&S had already “taken a long time” to get into the online grocery market zone and now the expectations are quite high. 

So far, the M&S food range available online was for parties and dinner occasions. 

On this, the CEO of M&S said that the customers might “never shop the same way again” post the pandemic, so we need to prepare for those times as well. 

Melanie Smith, the Chief Executive of Ocado Retail, considered the deal as a “winning combination of the country’s fastest-growing grocer and the nation’s most beloved food brand”. Source: BBC. 

Ocado had been providing Waitrose products since the beginning of the eCommerce world in 2002.

Waitrose says- “The supply relationship has worked well for almost 20 years, but now both parties are ready to go their own way,” Source: BBC. 

To test the order placement process, Kate placed an order on 1st September via Ocado. She said- “For each one, they sent me a £5 voucher,” source: BBC. 

Further, she added- “Everyone’s expectations are pretty high, and the world is watching,” Source: BBC. 

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